Heather Morgan Fundraising during 2018

We are delighted to inform you that despite having only one craft fair during 2018, Heather has raised the magnificent sum of £1512.80, being the proceeds of the one craft fair and the two 60/70’s discos.  Well Done Heather, we all know you have lots of other things going on in your life, but still find time to continue your fundraising for our club. Long may it continue.

We boarded the ferry called The Princess Pocahontas at Gravesend at 10.15am on Sunday 9th September. It was to be a forty mile guided tour by the captain, who described in detail every building and land on the river banks, what they were used for in the past and what they were used for now.

We landed passengers at Greenwich to view the Cutty Sark, a former tea clipper, now in dry dock. We travelled to London Bridge where the battleship The Belfast is moored. this is now a museum item.

We were able to enjoy a cheese and ham ploughman’s or sandwiches at a reasonable cost and refreshments were on sale all day.

We returned to Greenwich to pick up passengers at 3pm and the return trip was very interesting. It was the day for a river boat race! There were numerous small rowing boats crewed by young people – very fast and exciting. We returned to Gravesend at 5pm after a most enjoyable day.

An excellent trip., Good weather and good company.

Our thanks to Daphne for her excellent idea and her excellent organisation.


Sarah & Kay who run the Thanet and North Kent Lymphedema Support Group gave the group a very interesting and informative talk at the last CAG meeting.  Below is a link to the document showing the talk they gave:

Lymphedema talk page1

Lyphedema talk page2

Lyphedema talk page 3

Lymphedema talk page 4

Lyphedems talk page 5

If you would like to contact the group please follow this link by highlighting and right click then click on ‘go to’ or copy and paste into your browser.